Luke Blackstone

Read the Writing on the Wall

computer parts, aluminum, laser pointer, electronic circuits

2 ft. X 1.5 ft. X 7 ft. (plus surrounding walls)


When a motion sensor detects a viewer nearby, a microprocessor begins to move the laser pointer in such a way that text is “scribed” on the surrounding walls. If the viewer takes the time to follow the moving red dot of light, they could decipher the words “read the writing on the wall.” The mechanism then stops, returns to the start position, and waits for the next viewer. This piece was influenced by the Sept. 11th, 2001 tragedy in New York City.
This led to Read Between the Lines

In a similar fashion, the laser pointer was programmed to spell the aformentioned text.
The third of the series, space time light artifact, operated a little differently. The text was projected sequentially onto the surface of a preserving jar which was half-filled with water. The resulting reflections, absorptions, and refractions generated random patterns onto the adjacent wall. The text begins when the viewer gives a tug on the dangling tassel.